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Arpago is a 3D top-down RPG in a cartoony fantasy world with stylized graphics.

You create a character, choose a class and appearance, and then you begin slashing your way through the world gaining loot and skills.

I haven't decided on the majority of features, but at the moment I plan to include the following stuff in the game:

  • a fully explorable world, probably divided into sectors for performance/technical reasons,
  • at least 5 classes (warrior, ranger, marksman, summoner, battlemage),
  • lots of weapons, and weapon types: melee (slashing, smashing, thrust, staves), thrown, ranged (bows, crossbows, wands, rods), traps,
  • lots of gear – helmets, armors, shields, rings, hands, boots,
  • spell system,
  • a large bestiary,
  • different AI behaviour types for different enemies – ex. melee/ranged, aggressive/cautious, precise/careless,
  • no level-scaling,
  • splitscreen multiplayer

I invite anyone interested in further details and development progress to visit the website - arpago.eu

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